Certified Creeper

 There are few things I am really afraid of: lizards, black holes, and most seafood. Add to that list the guy on the 49 in the track suit and full knit mask covering his entire head except ONE EYE. It's hard to describe how terrifying this is without alluding to sci-fi monsters and Jurassic Park (which also terrified me). This dude was either recording the street traffic out the window, or watching previously recorded traffic on his duct taped phone. After elbowing the person next to him a few times and giving me THE EYE, he changed seats and continued to be creepy nearer the front. His pant legs were rubber-banded.

I've asked myself why someone would wear such a thing. Perhaps he was a burn victim. Maybe he was really cold. Maybe he could only stand to see the harshness of this life through one eye. Or maybe he really is on the Most Wanted list. Whatever the reason, I just hope the next time someone has their eye on me, that it comes in a pair.

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