Goodbye August, Hello San Francisco! (new video link!)

In this issue:

1. Where is Robin and what's she doing?
2. A (patriotic) video of Robin from Japanese TV!

Good afternoon my good friends,

My August issue is a little late. This tardiness is due to the super-exciting event of my moving. My fiance and I have finally settled in in San Francisco and we're loving the city (not to mention our awesome view from the balcony). Yesterday we spent a night on the town seeing Colin Williams' jazz trio at Sheba Lounge. He kindly let me sit it and sing some of my old favorites (Autumn Leaves, My Funny Valentine, and Summertime).  Those guys were smokin'!

In other news, I have a "new" video online. Some of you may remember back in September 2007 while I was in Japan, that I had the great privilege of representing my country on national television. A former student of mine was able to record it and send it round the world so that I may finally share that with all of you. So here it is, me singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Now, I'm going to assemble my new keyboard stand.

Have a beautiful evening!

Much love,


Me on the Golden Gate Bridge

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