Happy July from your friendly songbird!

 In this Issue:

1. Where's Robin?
2. Recording update
3. In Orlando? I need your help!

Good afternoon, my good friends!

I hope you had a lovely month of June. I had a great birthday with friends and music (and chocolate cake). Some of you were able to take advantage of the birthday downloads but because many of you had internet problems or were too busy, I've decided to leave them available until I replace the tracks.

So where am I? Still L.A. The past couple Mondays I've been going to open mic at Restaurant Vermont (a posh little place with piano and a fetish for theater). Next Monday (July 6) will be my last time there so if you're in the area, come on out! (Sign-up is at 8:30).

My previous plan to go to San Francisco to apartment hunt failed brilliantly! But tomorrow, I shan't be thwarted! Ryan and I are taking the road trip together and will be listening to some good tunes on the way (and probably chatting up a storm cause that man can talk!).

On July 10 I am flying out to Washington DC to see two of my good friends wed (Congratulations Kevin and Melissa)! On July 14, I will arrive in Orlando. More on that later (yes, I'm playing a gig).

The Recording. Ahh, yes. The most exciting part. By an interesting coincidence, I have had the great pleasure of enlisting Will Kennedy, former drummer of the Yellow Jackets! He picked me up and we spent all day Monday (and Tuesday) recording some of my hardest songs. With amazing grace, he knocked out most of the tunes with ease. And when they were less easy, he called the music insane and did it anyway with a smile on his face. (Truth be told, some of the music IS insane.) Apart from being a major talent, he is also a cool guy to be around. We spent a lot of time laughing (sometimes at my lyrics--yes, I used the word apotropaic!). All in all, working with Will has been a great experience and I'm honored that he could join the project.
Me and Will Kennedy
By the way, apotropaic means supposedly having the power to avert evil influences or bad luck. So as a kidney thief, I ask you: Don't be apotropaic.

Alright, Orlando! It's been almost 3 years since I've seen my hometown and I've missed it and its people dearly. Now here's where I need your help:

I am returning to my favorite venue Austin Coffee & Film for a show on Friday, July 17 at 9PM.

Problem is, I'm getting there 3 days before! If every one of you in Orlando could spread the word (and post/give out some flyers) we can maximize this reunion. If you are able to help out, send me an email and I will send you the flyer in JPG form with all my love.

In case you aren't sure why you should come, here's a summary:
  • You haven't seen me in forever.
  • I have a bunch of new songs!
  • Um...my hair looks different!
  • I will bring Japanese candy :)
Okay, well perhaps that wasn't the most convincing argument (except for my hair, which is awesome). Either way, I hope to see you there.

Have a great month of July!

Much love,


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