June is Busting out with Mad Rhymes (newsletter)

Gemini: Happy Birthday, your month will be insane. Look to your friends for support.

In This Issue:

1. New Email
2. Where's Robin?
3. Love War Presale
4. Reminders

Hello my friends! Another June is here! Hoorah! To celebrate, I'll be usingnews@robinyukiko.com for all my future emails so be sure to save that (or mark as "not spam") in the future.  Remember, you can always unsubscribe if you decide you don't like me anymore. Also, I thought the pink was festive.

"Where am I?" is a question I must ask myself daily. Years ago, when I decided I liked to travel, I didn't foresee this Spring at all. Last month was spent almost entirely in L.A. I am in L.A. now! What happened in the middle? Boston, NYC (for which my love has newly kindled), and Boston again. That's what. It was a time to see friends and family (and meet some other music folks as well). Overall, I'm feeling like every stay is too short. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be in San Francisco doing the almighty apartment hunt! [my apartment: must be able to withstand sonic blasts, glass-breaking frequencies and plunkity piano plunks.]

Love War! What does that even mean? It means an album that is now available for pre-order. (It'll be out in Fall '09!) If you do it now, there's free shipping in the US. You will even get a personal 'thank you' in the liner notes for your support. There are other options as well, such as an autograph, buying this and my first CD together, CD plus house concert, CD plus producer credit (you know you want it!), etc. Whether you want the thrill of seeing your name in lights (er, on insert paper), or you just want to support the project, there are lots of ways of making your mark on this album. Heck, if instead of an autograph you ask me to draw you a portrait, I can do that too. But maybe not very well.

So, in conclusion--wait, Reminders! Why didn't someone remind me? (Okay, bad joke.) I usually update my Journal (aka blog) about once a week and I don't always email about it so if you want the super-scoop (is that a kitty litter brand?), check it out, add it to RSS, set a weekly alarm clock--whatever it takes! And please sign the Guestbook! I want to hear from you guys. Do you have opinions? I love opinions.

June, happened so soon, better than Dune (the book), needs its own rune.

And there you have it.

Much love to you all,


P.S. July brings me to Orlando.


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