Just another day...

Good evening all. I'm hoping that you are less exhausted than I. Or, if you are exhausted, that you feel a sense of satisfaction. For me, it's a combination of day job working and frustration that simple technology eludes me ofttimes. That, and I seemed to have really bad luck today.

Sometime during my commute whilst reading A Clash of Kings, my cell phone fell out of my pocket and escaped. I spent the whole day worrying about its whereabouts and possible kidnap. To add insult to injury, I discovered a mysterious stickiness in my hair(?!?). Complements of the 49 bus, I assume.

I came home after a good 8.5 hours of work to continue my *head*desk* ritual of trying to import video from miniDV so I can perhaps get some content out there in the world. No avail, no cigar, nothing.

Big, exciting things are happening in my life. I have huge plans. But at the moment I seem stuck in a holding pattern until I can get my arse in gear, a phone in my pocket, and a vid in my comp. Hopefully I'll have things squared away before I go to NY to be a bridesmaid!

Until next time...


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