New links, new challenges, new life

You may have noticed (I hope), I've posted a great many new links. I have a lot of friends who are brilliant musicians, or just brilliant minds in general. I urge you to check them out. Your life will be better for it.

I've started selling off some of my possessions. For some reason my apartment has to be completely empty before I move out (in 13 days). So long TV, giant cupboard, furnature, etc. It's been nice sitting on you, watching you, taking food out of you. Yes, in that order.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend and I are trying to find reasonable apartments in San Francisco. Ha! People always told me I'm a dreamer...

If I owned any ducks, they would most certainly be in any position except a row. Some would be swimming, some flying, some in a lovely hectogonal formation. Quack.

Apart from the disarray of ducks, I've finished off the last flute parts for the band's final show in Japan. I'm sure Rowena will be thrilled about the surprise song. I hope people bring cameras.

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