Thankful to have made it this far...

 Greetings, one and all! And Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, like my years in Japan, I will be not be with family. So I wanted to share the other things I am grateful for:

My family. Though they are scattered across the U.S., I can always call them when I need them. My parents and aunt in particular have been a constant source of support my whole life, and I am lucky to have them.

My friends. They, too, are scattered, but the fact that, when I see them, we pick up where we left off means the world.

My past. It hasn't always been easy (in fact, some of it has been bafflingly difficult and painful), but that has only given me perspective and compassion for other people's struggles.

My husband. He is a constant source of laughter, comfort, and companionship.

The fact that I am allowed to be married to the one I love. Because, for some reason, not everyone is. I will never understand why. We are all families, or trying to be. We are people. And, for a country that proudly claims that all are "created equal", not all are treated as equal. So, today I will be thankful for what I have, that, in another century, or in another country, I wouldn't. Like the right to vote. To own land (not that that's made easy in San Francisco). To be seen on the street without a chaperone.

And hopefully, by this time next year, everyone in the world will have the same things to be thankful for.

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving,


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