That's cold, baby

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day. I must admit something: I am only rarely a big partyer. My idea of a good time on a day off usually involves staying home, eating vegetables, and watching old Star Trek: Voyager episodes. So when I finally made it out of downtown on said green holiday, I settled into my husband's Physics & Astronomy Club room and played some Magic with the guys. Yes! This is a party. Toss in some exploding frozen beers and some fruit snacks and I've got it made.

Really, anywhere I can get out of the wind and cold is fine by me at this point. I blame my Florida blood, but I also blame San Francisco ridiculousness. A city in California really has no right to a serious winter (the worst of which is that it repeats in the summer). Meanwhile, I've been getting comments on my ankle-length black peacoat. Some include:
  • "I used to have a coat like that, back when I was a youngster!"
  • "Nice coat. You look like you're ready to f*** someone up."
  • "Wow, that's like the Matrix. But in wool."
And my favorite:
  • "That's really East Coast."
Now, that last one is a comment I've been getting a lot about myself. I've been interviewing some of my friends about what they think the difference is between east and west coasters. All agree that I'm very east coast. Apparently east coasters are (in general) more sarcastic, more strict, and know how to dress for cold weather. Does anyone else have any other ideas about what seperates us (besides a few thousand miles)? Not that I believe any of it.

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