There's help to be had

 Woot! "Kick Cancer's Ass: Extravaganza for Samantha" was a huge success raising $2000 for the lovely songstress. It was amazing to see so many people rally together like that...not to mention the awesome acts that came out, including Samantha herself (and me!).

The other bit of news is that I finally got a chance to record Ocean Floor properly. It may sound silly, but recording makes me feel alive like few things do. (Actually, a lot of things make me feel alive: mountains, cats, North Beach, Indian food...but recording is up there.) Most of the tracks for Love War are done and just need a few more layers on top. Then it's off to be mixed and mastered! This is the longest project I've ever done and I can't wait to finally finish it and get it out to you.

And as an indie artist, I wish you all a Happy Independence Day!

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