Ultra Update: Videos, progress, and a plea for help

In this Issue:

1. What's Robin doing?
2. Please help my friend, Samantha!
3. Video of me doing a pop cover on the radio

 March is recklessly speeding into the past and the only way to make sense of the blur is to tell you about it.

Teaching is going great. My 13-year-old voice student just got accepted to the School of the Arts! So proud of her. Also, my 6th SF Singer-Songwriters' Workshop is coming up next Thursday!

And just so you know...

 But not everything is so fabulous. My good friend and bandmate Samantha (of Volary), was recently diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer after two years of remission. The cancer is now in her vertabrae, pelvis, and femur. If you haven't heard her music, she is a seriously talented woman that I am proud to know and sing with. If you are able to help, please consider making a donation toward her medical bills and essential items that will increase her comfort immensely (meds, slip on shoes, body pillow, etc.). You can also follow her experiences on Sam's blog.
Please help out Samantha!

 And to end on a light note, here are videos of me doing a Britney Spears cover and my new song on KSFS Radio! (A recording of the Radiettes' Variety Hour will be available in the next week or two.)

Until next time...

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