Video, MUNI poems and show dates

In this issue:

1. Video in my living room
2. "Ode to MUNI" - a poem
3. Show me the shows!

Hello pretty people,

Thanks for those of you who came to the Borders show! Also, I just did a live show with Keiko Takamura (the Shebangs) in my living room! It's very silly and was streamed through her iPhone so the video quality is pretty terrible, but it was still a super-fun time. We traded off doing Shebangs songs (by Keiko) and my originals (with a couple covers splashed in at the end). View ithere (

And here is something you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter:

Ode to MUNI (San Francisco's light rail system)

Muni O Muni, your breaks exude noise.
A pain in both ears you give all girls and boys.
Muni O Muni, your sign at the top 
does not always tell me when we've reached my stop.

Muni O Muni and your proposed cuts,
you already leave us to wait on cold butts
Muni O Muni, our fare be increased,
and ere my bus comes I may well be deceased.

That said, here are my upcoming shows:

This Sunday, 3/14 @ Bazaar Cafe (6-8:30pm)
5927 California St., SF 94121
Free, all ages!

Thursday, 3/18 The Shebangs (9:30pm) w/My Monster, Robots of Fury
1351 Polk Street, SF 94109
$6, 21+

Friday, 3/19 The Shebangs (9pm) w/Letters Make Words
The Blue Macaw
2565 Mission St., SF 94110
Cost: tba, 21+
(This show is tentative, check back here)

Of course, after that I will be busy getting married! So expect a brief break before shows start up again in April (and more with the whole band).

Much love,


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