1. Enough for You

From the recording Enough for You

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Enough for You

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Enough for You

Spent my life in a chorus too loud
I’m the one who would always stand out
Not that they would see me
Shrink me down until I was too small
Quiet down; they don’t wanna hear me
Decrescendo until I was gone

But in that void those
echoing voices sing to me:

What if I’m lost?
What if I’m never found?
What if I’m just myself?
Is that allowed?
Maybe I’m not all you’ve been asking for?
What if I’m something else…
that’d never be Enough for You

Then your beautiful voice comes along
Never heard anything so lovely
And you ask if I’ll sing you my song

Will you show me how
I can silence these
voices echoing…

What if I’m lost?
What if I can't be found?
Can I be just myself?
Is that allowed?
What if I’m not all that you’re hoping for?
But what if I’m something more?
Just hope to be enough for you

Maybe I'm lost
But look what I have found
I can be just myself
You showed me how
So what if I’m not what they were looking for?
I’ve become so much more
And that might be enough for me