I hated piano lessons as a kid. Wish I still played though...”

— Numerous

I can't tell you how many times I've heard variations of these two stories:

"My parents made me take lessons. I wasn't a good sight-reader so it was torture. Eventually they let me quit."


"The choir director told me I couldn't sing and that I should just mouth the words. I think I'm tone deaf."

Every time I hear these stories, I'm filled with sadness. Anyone who wants to engage in music should be able to participate to the extent they want. And turning music into a chore doesn't exactly instill a lifelong desire to participate.

The great thing about music is that there are so many ways to create it. Sight-reading is simply one method. It can certainly be an important part of a well-rounded musical education, but if everything is forced through that lens, little room is left for the entire point of music: play. (If you would like to read my philosophy on music education, it can be found here.)

In case you're worried, amusia (tone-deafness) is a pretty rare neurological condition (and there are plenty of online tests to check if you have it). But having even one person say you can't sing can be soul-crushing and traumatizing. And it's usually not even remotely true.

Doesn't sound like you? 

Maybe you've been performing for years and want to polish your songwriting skills.  Maybe you sing your own songs but don't know how to accompany yourself. (The kicker is, sight-reading probably won't help you with that one!) Maybe you took classical lessons for years but can't improvise or play anything by ear.

I provide private remote sessions for...

  • voice (classical, pop, rock, jazz)
  • piano
  • ear training
  • sight-singing
  • music theory
  • self-accompaniment
  • songwriting
  • audition prep

Whether you are already a seasoned professional or just dipping a toe into music, I want to help. And if it turns out I'm not the right fit for you, I can likely point you in the right direction. 

Just looking for a written critique of your songs? I do that, too! 

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