Kirigami is the Japanese art of folding and cutting paper.  My favorite method is to paint brushstrokes on the paper before cutting, especially with metallic paint. In this way, the paper gives the illusion of brushed metal's texture.

I cut my design freehand, then I refold the paper so it lays symmetrically and three-dimensionally. Sometimes I interweave two or more pieces together for a more intricate piece.  I am experimenting with using mod podge to preserve and protect the pieces. Sometimes the coating also adds a leather-like texture. The scraps are useful for other pieces, such as the ones mounted on paper which use more negative space. Be on the lookout for new pieces mounted on canvas!

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a kirigami piece! I can also custom make one for you using your preferred colors and pointiness level.

Video tutorial for basic kirigami snowflake.

Slightly more advanced kirigami tutorial.

Tutorial for making a wreath of bats using the same snowflake folding method.