Every night before I sleep I wonder what was done to me to make me seek the things I speak of  Thieve Conceive of Why are we so Bleeding seething writhing soothingly congealing?


The bark keeps squiggles 

Like a brain 

Wrinkled with age and worn with time 

The ants live between in the spaces unseen 

And do their work noticed by no human eyes 

The trunk keeps going 

Up and up 

The roots go down and they grip on tight 

Into the earth and up to the sky 

Where its opening blossoms wave in the wind 

The thin petals wiggle 

And the leaves shimmer 

Waxy and waving 

The twigs creak and sway 

The moss on the surface 

Like a blanket, or makeup 

Intermingle with webs of decay 

The bark may be soft 

But the hardness beneath 

weathers the ever changing seasons 

It stands here much longer than I ever could 

No complaints or fatigue 

Mere acceptance

I climb the twin oaks at my childhood home 

The bark scrubs away at my skin as I grip 

I feel the hot air as sweat drips off my chin 

And wonder how high I could get on my own 


A rest at last, I breathe 

And lie upon a limb 

I’m tired, but oh, I’m here and I’m relieved 


The leaves adorn my crown

My head against the trunk

The rustling seems to be taunting:

Can you get down?



It does impress to display expertise 

On any one subject you speak on with ease 

But start walking now and you may reach the tropics 

Before I could choose from my favorite topics

Majestic Floof

This cat is the most majestic floof 

She is soft like putting my face on furs in department stores as a kid 

She flicks her ear in annoyance 

I remind her that she sliced my finger open an hour ago 

Cleaned up her vomit 

After feeding her fancy venison 

She has forgotten 

She chooses to be a dead weight on my leg 

My muscles stiffen 

She purrs peacefully 

I pick a cat hair out of my mouth 

She waves her bottle brush tail and extends the longest arm 

How is she so long? 

She is a cow. And oreo cookie mashed up. 

She chirps in surprise when I pet her 

She will never get off me 

Unless it suits her 

And tonight when I go to bed 

She will stand in front of my face 

Blocking my girlfriend’s 

And curl and turn until she is sitting on my shoulder, 

Her whiskers tickling my face 

At least it’s not her butthole. 

Like her sister.

Bee? Where!

Buzzing critter beyond the screen 

Do you know the feline's seen? 

Were you on this side the mesh 

This cat would know the taste o' thine flesh