Robin Yukiko is a multi-faceted musician, producer, educator, artist, and actor. She draws from her background in jazz, classical, theater, and especially chorus.

At 14, Robin was featured in an octet in the Florida Youth Choral at Carnegie Hall. Over the next three years she won first place three times as State Winner in both Vocal Solo Art Song and Vocal Solo Musical Theater categories for the National Federation of Music Clubs.

After completing her first year as an opera major at the University of Miami, she took a hiatus to produce her first album, Me & My Apathy, an eclectic suite of 11 original songs.

She completed her Bachelor of Music degree at Berklee College of Music in Boston and, upon graduating, moved to Japan where she spent the next 2.5 years teaching English and performing. In 2007, she represented the U.S. performing the Star Spangled Banner on national television at a US vs. Japan figure skating competition.

In 2009, Robin moved to San Francisco where she released her second album, Love War, which highlights her voice, arranging skills and penchant for harmonies (and features the renowned Will Kennedy on drums).

Robin aims to help other artists through private sessions and contributions on (articles also posted on her blog). She currently lives in State College, PA and is working toward a certification in Music Education at Penn State.