What Needs Does your Music Fill?

Whether we admit it or not, music exists to serve a need. We may write for ourselves, but if we want strangers to listen, we must address that need. No one needs to hear you croon about your latest breakup, but maybe someone with a broken heart needs to hear his own feelings through music.


Why do you listen to music?

  • To relax

  • To fall asleep

  • To wake up

  • To study/work to

  • To party

  • To dance

  • To feel

  • To cry

  • To forget

  • To remember

  • To be validated or understood

  • To get pumped up

  • To work out

  • To drown out noise

  • To get in a romantic mood

  • To sing along to

  • To be educated


When someone says that music is non-essential to human survival, remember this list (and the many other ways we use music)!


Now, why does anyone need YOUR music?


The next time you are trying to get someone to listen to your song, figure out which need it might be filling and approach it that way. The world has had enough of “Hey check out my music. Click here.” We tune that out.


Tell us how your songs serve us.

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