A further note on Grand Theft Orchestra...

 After much pondering and debate on the volunteer orchestra question, I would like to say that this could have been handled differently. What Amanda Palmer could have said: I have a small string/horn section that I've hired. If you can sight read, you are welcome to join us (re: invitation). What she said was: I can't afford to pay a string/horn section so we need people to work for beer and hugs (re: begging for freebies). The first comes across as fan interaction. The second, a scam, a lie, and an insult. I understand both sides of the arguement, but I still have to say that if she really needed the players, she could pay some pros (or even semi-pros) and done a great deal more good by hiring local (not just a select few) than perpetuating the already ubiquitous belief that musicians *only* play for fun.

Yes, I play for fun. But I decided to pursue it as a career and went to college for it. Hugs aren't going to pay those student loans.

What Palmer did was innovative, inclusive, and fun. But because she came off as greedy, stingy, and disrespectful, she will lose a lot of fans. And it might cost a lot of musicians a lot of work.

The lesson, ALWAYS pay those who work for you. Even if it's five bucks. Especially if you're Amanda "F***ing" Palmer.

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