Adventures in Busking

Today's Word: Busk (Verb)
Pronunciation: ['bêsk]
Definition 1: To play music or entertain on the street for money.

I have often walked the streets of Boston, New York, Tokyo, and now San Francisco and found talent within earshot. For years I admired those who could play for strangers passing by and fleetingly thought "I could do that...nah." I always came up with a reason why NOT to do it--until now.

So the busking has begun. I packed up a guitar, CDs, and a hat and hit the streets to bring my music to the very general public. On my very first day after my very first song in Powell Station, I was asked to take a break. Disheartening? No! He merely needed to use the pay phone and could not hear over my impressive volume.

But after that, I got into it and started getting people's attention (with my sound, not loudness). I did this for two days, at the end of which I inevitably got sick and was forced to stay home and cancel a rehearsal today. But anyway, once I recover I'll be out and about again bringing music to the masses.

 Everyone, take your vitamins.

Much love,


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