Decisions and Reversed Decisions

 The past few days have incredible and incredibly exhausting--in a good way. Tuesday I sat down with Ryan Fritch (multi-instrumentalist) and played nearly every song I have--okay, not exactly, but 2 albums worth of music--and played around with them. Made some decisions: Go for quirky.

Yesterday, I sat down with John Wagner (drummer) and did the same thing. Only a lot louder. And reversed the decisions of the previous day: Go for awesome.

Today, I played with both of them (and potentially a new bassist) and finalized some things. We start recording "How to Love Better" and "Chronicles of a Kidney Thief" tomorrow. John's drums are seriously hot on Kidney Thief.

I can't begin to describe how it feels to be back with these guys and rocking out like nothing in the world matters except putting your entire life force into every note, every chord. And just knowing that I am finally making this album gives me new life. Finally, there's nowhere else I'd rather be. you know what the singles are going to be. Stay tuned for the album title and song list!

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