music and books

 Sadly, the music teaching position was filled before I even got my application out. Probably before I even saw the listing. But apparently there will be later opportunities with them. They seem cool.

I just finished A Dance with Dragons, the fifth installment of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (the first one being A Game of Thrones). Now it looks like I'll have to wait for years like everyone else had to for the fourth one. Yea. I'll try not to give away any important deaths.

And speaking of books, it breaks my heart to walk by a darkened ex-Borders and see their sign that says "Borders is gone forever! Bye-bye!!" I used to play there (and the staff was SO nice) and now it's no more. But we will live on. I'm thinking about getting a library card.

Just curious, is one new song per week too much for everyone? I can cut back... :P

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