On several (beautifully harmonic) personal notes...

 I am in Boston. Home of the...bean. Or something.

Okay, it's obviously been a long day! I slept for about 10 hours last night after my flight from L.A. Apart from traveling, I've been feeling a little beat up. I had a great game of basketball the other day with Ryan and some kids and I must be out of shape because I am quite sore. To top it off, I got hit in the face by a rebounding basketball and my glasses felt especially affronted and took it out on my nose.

The night before that, I was off to a comedy club and, as I was calling a friend, I slipped on the uneven sidewalk (scraped my knee and foot) and nearly got attacked by a pit-bull. It ran up to me growling but I was so annoyed at falling that I shouted at it: "What?! I'm already on the ground, whatcha gonna do?" and it backed off a little.

So needless to say, I've been needing a little rest. Tonight I got to have dinner with my aunt, cousins, and great-aunt and -uncle. It's been nearly three years since I've seen them because I hadn't been back to the States since I moved to Japan. T'was a happy reunion. I get to see them again on Saturday for my cousin's graduation party. Congratulations, Diana!

As we discussed past events in our family history, we all realized (and not for the first or last time) that people's perspectives can be so different but can still all be true. And what I realized is that we can empathize, but we can't read minds. And some things that our impressionable minds have clung onto may not have even been thought of by others, or had been nothing more than passing things of no real meaning to anyone else. So to the sensitive (like myself) I say: Let go. To those less sensitive, I ask: Be careful what you say, especially to youth, for they may remember it always and let it alter their perception from then on.

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